Tod's Userscripts for Greasemonkey

This is a selection of Greasemonkey userscripts I've written. Enjoy.

Security-Related Greasemonkey Userscripts

NonHTTPS install it

A quickie little script to find the displayed non-HTTPS elements and try to make them obvious. Handy for when you suddenly find yourself on a page you thought was HTTPS but you have the broken lock "mixed content" icon in Firefox (like some Google services).

Monkeyspaw: The Greasemonkey Security Professional's Automated Webthinger. install it

This is a console that lives in the bottom right corner of your browser window which allows the user to perform a number of useful functions when investigating (usually evil) websites in an AJAXy, automated sort of way. To put it another way, I really hate opening up extra windows when all I want to know is where a website is located in the world. Features include:

...and some design niceties like draggable data boxes, keyboard access keys, and full logging of actions via Javascript Console "message" level alerts.

Monkeyspaw was released at Black Hat USA 2006 by yours truly.

For more detailed instructions, check here.

Frame Dissector install it

Opens all embedded frames in new tabs behind the original page. A companion for Monkeyspaw, really, since Monkeyspaw kind of uglifies up frames in a page.

Comments and ideas for improvement are always welcome, since I'd love to see this page develop out into an entire, fully-functional, single-interface suite of investigatory GM scripts. So, feel free to e-mail me at .


Your bookmarks first install it

Changes the default selection for searches to "your bookmarks," rather than the suggested default of This is my typical use case for searching.

Shoutcast Focuser install it

Brings the focus to the search input, and sets the default genre to something sensible.